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  • The HP Chromebook X360 G1 is the fastest Chromebook we've ever tested
    von Jerry Hildenbrand am Juni 18, 2019 um 1:00 pm

    It's really fast, pretty expensive, and looks beautiful. I just wish the display was a little better. Chromebooks have been heralded as the best "cheap" laptops and a boon for the education sector, and 2019 sees them make a first serious push into the enterprise space. HP, a name almost synonymous with enterprise computers, understands this like no other company can and has built the x360 14 G1; a Chromebook that brings the security and ease of use that comes with Chrome wrapped up in a package that professional users will love. The Chromebook x360 14 G1 may have a horrible name, but you can't ignore the awesome aluminum shell, the great keyboard and trackpad, and numerous configurations. You can configure this Chromebook with the best and newest specs or go with something more modest, but either way you still have two issues — a dim display and a steep price. Enterprise enticement HP Chromebook x360 14 G1 ... […]

  • Show us your best Pixel 3a pictures!
    von Joe Maring am Juni 18, 2019 um 12:40 pm

    Let's see what you've got. The Pixel 3a is one of the best mid-range phones you can buy right now. It has a quality OLED display, competent specs, and a clean build of Android 9 Pie. As we all know, though, the real draw to the phone is its incredible camera. Thanks to Google's impressive post-processing, the Pixel 3a takes pictures that stand next to and even rival other handsets that cost hundreds of dollars more. Taking a look through the AC forums, a lot of people seem to be quite happy with the Pixel 3a's performance. jhilker 06-11-2019 08:50 PM “ Really enjoy using portrait mode! Reply morriea 06-15-2019 04:44 PM “ Edge detection in portrait mode works well. Reply Morty2264 06-12-2019 09:20 PM “ GORGEOUS photo! Reply ... […]

  • Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency will launch in the first half of 2020
    von Babu Mohan am Juni 18, 2019 um 12:16 pm

    Unlike Bitcoin, Libra will not be a speculative asset. What you need to know Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency will be launched next year. The cryptocurrency will be governed by the Libra association, which currently has 28 founding members. Sending and receiving money as well as buying things using Libra will be made possible with Facebook's Calibra wallet. Facebook's rumored cryptocurrency platform has finally been officially announced. The company today released a white paper that explains exactly how its global cryptocurrency, dubbed Libra, differs from other cryptocurrencies that we have seen so far. Facebook is hoping to launch Libra in the first half of 2020, allowing users around the world to not just buy things but also send and receive money with minimal fees. With Libra, Facebook is aiming to create a truly global digital currency that can help empower billions of people across the world. Unlike most cryptocurrencies currently out there, Facebook's Libra will be backed by... […]

  • How to sideload apps on the Oculus Quest
    von Sean Endicott am Juni 18, 2019 um 12:00 pm

    The Oculus Quest has a nice library of apps and games available, but you can open up new possibilities by sideloading. The Oculus Quest is an Android device at its core so you can put APK files onto it. This means you can install anything from the Android version of Netflix to cough other video streaming apps cough thanks to SideQuest, which is designed to streamline sideloading. How to unlock developer mode When the Oculus Quest initially launched, it took a lengthy process involving the Command Prompt on your PC to sideload apps and games. Fortunately, that all changed thanks to SideQuest, which you can get on GitHub. Once SideQuest is set up, adding any new app or game to your Oculus Quest is simple. The initial process takes some work but isn't that lengthy. This guide breaks down the steps using a PC, but SideQuest is also available on Linux and Mac. The first thing that you need to do with your Oculus Quest to sideload apps is enable developer mode. This is done through the... […]

  • How to automatically re-order popcorn with the AmazonBasics Microwave
    von Joe Maring am Juni 18, 2019 um 11:00 am

    The AmazonBasics Microwave is one of the coolest smart kitchen appliances out there. Its big claim to fame is the ability to control it via Alexa voice commands, but did you know that the microwave can also automatically re-order popcorn for you when you're running low? Here's how it works! Products used in this guide Never run out of popcorn: AmazonBasics Microwave ($50 at Amazon) How to automatically re-order popcorn with the AmazonBasics Microwave Open the Alexa app on your phone and tap Devices on the bottom navigation bar. Tap All Devices. Tap Microwave. Tap Auto Popcorn Replenishment. Tap Set Up. Log in to your Amazon account. Tap the popcorn you want to be re-ordered. Tap Select. Type in your current inventory. Tap Next. Tap Complete Setup. Tap Done. Your microwave will determine that you've used a bag of popcorn when you use the popcorn button or say "Alexa, microwave popcorn," and once your stash hits the limit you've selected, a new box will automatically be ... […]

  • Dr. Mario World arrives for Android and iOS on July 10
    von Babu Mohan am Juni 18, 2019 um 10:50 am

    You can now pre-register for the upcoming game on the Play Store. What you need to know Dr. Mario World will be available for download on Android and iOS starting from July 10. Pre-registration for the game is now open on both Google Play and Apple App store. It's a free-to-play game where players will have to use their puzzle skills to eliminate pesky viruses. Back in January, Nintendo announced that it would bring a new Dr. Mario game for smartphones later this year. The company has finally announced a release date for the mobile puzzle game. Both Android and iOS users will be able to download Dr. Mario World starting July 10. Pre-registration for the game is now live on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. Along with announcing the game's release date, Nintendo has released a new trailer that gives us our first look at the gameplay of the upcoming mobile title. While Dr. Mario World will be a free-to-play game, it will offer optional in-game purchases and ma... […]

  • Here are all the Behemoths you can fight in Dauntless
    von Brendan Lowry am Juni 18, 2019 um 10:00 am

    Dauntless has plenty of different Behemoth creatures to hunt. Here's a list of every one in the game so far. Dauntless, a new monster slaying co-op game on PS4, has tons of different beasts in it to hunt for loot, glory, and bragging rights. These creatures are called Behemoths, and there's a lot of them. If you're looking to get an idea of what you're going to go up against on the battlefield, we've got you covered. Here's a list (with detailed descriptions) of every Behemoth that you can encounter in Dauntless. Slay the beasts Dauntless Free at PlayStation Hunt, forge, craft, and do it all again. Dauntless is an engaging and addictive co-op monster hunting game that features thrilling combat and the ability to personalize builds with crafting. Brawny beasts: Neutral Behemoths A Shrike Behemoth. Neutral Behemoths are Behemoths that don't have any elemental powers, meaning that they lack elemental strengths and weaknesses (although elemental status effects can still affe... […]

  • Xiaomi is finally adding an app drawer to MIUI
    von Harish Jonnalagadda am Juni 18, 2019 um 8:22 am

    It has been a long time coming, but MIUI is finally getting an app drawer. What you need to know Xiaomi is adding app shortcuts and an app drawer to MIUI. The feature was spotted in an alpha build, so it may be awhile before it is available on the stable channel. App shortcuts debuted with Nougat, and let you perform specific actions with a long press action. Xiaomi's MIUI continues to be one of the most popular custom ROMs, with over 250 million users across the globe. While Xiaomi has added a lot of features to the ROM over the last two years, a key omission has been the app drawer. It was particularly frustrating to see that the POCO Launcher had an app drawer, while most MIUI users had to resort to using a third-party launcher to access the same. However, it looks like Xiaomi is finally set to add the app drawer into MIUI. According to screenshots received by the folks over at XDA, MIUI build comes with the option to switch to an app drawer, with a dedic... […]

  • PSA: Pokémon Go and Ingress dropping support for Android KitKat on July 1
    von Babu Mohan am Juni 18, 2019 um 7:48 am

    Lollipop or newer will be required to play the two games from July 1. What you need to know Niantic's Ingress and Pokémon Go games will stop supporting devices running KitKat after July 1. You will need to update your operating system to Android 5 or above in order to continue playing the two games. According to the latest Android distribution numbers, only 6.9% of all Android devices run on Android 4.4 KitKat. Niantic announced a few weeks back that its popular Pokémon Go and Ingress games will no longer support devices running Android 4.4 KitKat starting July 1, 2019. The company has now started reminding users once more than they will have to update their devices to Android 5 or above for uninterrupted access to the two games. Needless to say, you will not have to take any action in case your Android device is already running on Lollipop or above. Android KitKat was announced in September 2013 and began rolling out to a few non-Nexus smartphones by the end of th... […]

  • New outfits and items highlight the latest Fortnite Item Shop Update
    von Anthony J Nash am Juni 18, 2019 um 1:41 am

    All the latest goodies from the shop to add to your collection! The Fortnite Item Shop has updated once again, and players can now hop in and pick up some new gear, including brand new cosmetics, gliders, and other items. Today's update brings with it a handful of new outfits and items, in the form of the Callisto and Asmodeus outfits. These outfits are also joined by the Foul Play dual wielding harvesting tool, and the Batso glider, so there's plenty of new items to choose from. Alongside the bevy of skins and pickaxes, players can also pick up some random items to add to their arsenal. Today, the Ether and Fastball outfits are available, alongside the Peely Pick harvesting tool and the Electro-Fied! music. The True Heart and T-Pose emotes are also available until tomorrow, so make sure to pick up whatever items you're looking to get before the shop updates again tomorrow. A fiery competitor Callisto 1,200 V-Bucks Stylish fighter Asmodeus 1,200 V-Bucks... […]

  • What does Google offering RCS mean for me?
    von Jerry Hildenbrand am Juni 17, 2019 um 11:30 pm

    Google's plans for direct RCS support is long overdue. It's also good for everyone involved — including you. Google does a lot of things well. Services and products like Search, Android, or Chrome are examples of how Google has taken an idea from a meeting room and put it into everyone's hands and things were made better because of them. Remember Yahoo! or Ask Jeeves? Messaging has been the thorn in Google's side for years. Messaging is not one of the areas where Google has found the right answer, though. That's not to say the company doesn't have the right idea — rich chat services complete with media and all the flair people want for free — it just hasn't been able to find the one way to offer the total package. Making Android Messages a full RCS client was a good first step. RCS can give much of the iMessage or WhatsApp experience to your texts, but to do so, it relies on carrier support. And you know how difficult it can be to get just th... […]

  • Google will now directly offer RCS features instead of waiting on carriers
    von Joe Maring am Juni 17, 2019 um 7:36 pm

    It'll be available first in the United Kingdom and France. What you need to know Google will soon offer RCS features directly to Android phones. The integration is coming first to the UK and France later this month. This means Google no longer has to wait on carriers to support the messaging standard. Back in April 2018, Google unveiled its new messaging plans using RCS technology. Through its Messages app and baked under a platform called "Chat", Google would enable Android users to have a rich messaging experience right out of the box without having to download a third-party app — essentially Google's version of iMessage. The problem, however, is that getting OEMs and carriers to support RCS hasn't been easy. While you can use RCS Chat on some carriers like Google Fi, other companies like AT&T don't support it at all. However, Google's now preparing to take matters into its own hands and directly enable RCS on Android phones regardless of what carrier they're on. Per ... […]

  • The best tail-wagging goodies for your canine companion
    von Jodi Owan am Juni 17, 2019 um 7:00 pm

    Your dog isn't just a treasured companion, he's a full-fledged member of your family. Our favorite dog gadget, the Furbo Dog Camera will help you reward your buddy with treats from afar and keep tabs on him with full HD video and two-way audio, even when you're away. Whether you're looking for a new toy, treat, vacuum, or car seat protector, we've got you and your four-legged friend covered. The treat spy Furbo Dog Camera Staff Pick This little canister dispenses treats on command via an app and has two-way audio that alerts you when your pal is barking. You can see and hear what's going on even when you're away from home. $199 at Amazon Wonder gloves Handson Gloves Stiff bristled brushes are hard on dog's skin and your wrists. These grooming gloves are a hands-on, loving way to pet your buddy and do away with excess fur. $25 at Amazon Ultimate car seat cover Active Pets Back Seat Cover Keep your ride pet hair-free with a waterproof backseat cover. Your do... […]

  • You can now purchase Google's Stadia controller for $69
    von Joe Maring am Juni 17, 2019 um 6:43 pm

    Previously, you could only get a controller while buying the Founder's Edition. What you need to know You can now buy the Stadia Controller on the Google Store for $69. It used to only be available when purchasing the Founder's Edition. The controller comes in Clearly White, Just Black, and Wasabi. When Google launched the Stadia Founder's Edition earlier this month, it made an interesting decision by only allowing you to purchase extra controllers during your transaction for the Founder's Edition. In other words, if you completed your purchase for the Founder's Edition and later decided you wanted another controller, you were out of luck. Thankfully, Google's rolling that odd move back and now allowing you to purchase the Stadia Controller on its own. All three of the colors are available, including Clearly White, Just Black, and Wasabi. If you want the striking Night Blue colorway, you'll need to pony up the $129 for the Founder's Edition. Speaking of which, Google does give a... […]

  • Get ready for Crash Team Racing with its gameplay launch trailer
    von Jennifer Locke am Juni 17, 2019 um 6:20 pm

    Crash Team Racing is the next of our childhood classics to be remastered. After successfully releasing the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Activision is back at it again remastering another classic Crash title. It's been nearly twenty years since Crash Team Racing first released for the original PlayStation in 1999, and though the Mario Kart series has dominated the kart racing scene for those two decades, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled looks to give it a run for its money. Completely remastered Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled $40 at Amazon Become the fastest racer and take down Nitros Oxide Activision is on a roll with remastering classic games from our childhood like it did with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled will be no different, bringing it up to date with modern standards. What's new with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled? While you're waiting for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled to finally release, stay up to dat... […]