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  • Change up the look of your Fitbit Charge 3 with these great bands
    von Joe Maring am Januar 19, 2020 um 2:00 pm

    The Fitbit Charge 3 is one heck of a fitness band that packs a lot of features and tech into a small, affordable package. The bands you get by default look good, but you can really change up the Charge 3's entire aesthetic with the right replacement bands. Here are a few of our favorites! Just like the original Hamile Sport Band Staff pick Hamile has essentially recreated the default Fitbit Charge 3 watch band, but it's offering it in a lot more colors and selling it for considerably less than the legit Fitbit one. The band is made out of eco-friendly TPU, won't irritate your skin, and is both soft and lightweight. In regards to colors, there are a lot to choose from — 20, to be exact. From $5 at Amazon It's so good Fitbit Woven Band My personal favorite band for the Charge 3 is this woven one that's made by Fitbit itself. The fabric material that's used is comfortable, built really well, and comes in Charcoal and Periwinkle colors. When you're not working out at the gy... […]

  • These are the games we wish would be announced for Playstation 5
    von Jennifer Locke am Januar 19, 2020 um 1:00 pm

    The heart wants what the heart wants. And to quote Han Solo: Never tell me the odds. None of these games have been announced in any official capacity, but that doesn't stop us from wanting them anyway. We all have our favorite series we want to see continue or a franchise just starting out that didn't get a fair shake. Everyone has different tastes — and non-realistic expectations. Whether it's a pipe dream or a sequel almost certainly in the works, here's what we want to see release for Sony's PlayStation 5. God of War 2 Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Uncharted 5 The Witcher 4 Grand Theft Auto 6 Dishonored 3 Days Gone 2 Control 2 Destiny 3 Gran Turismo 7 Bloodborne 2 Detroit: Become Human 2 Final Fantasy 16 Killzone 4 The Order: 1887 Prey 2 Fallout 5 Mass Effect 4 Sunset Overdrive 2 God of War 2 Considering God of War's success, I can't imagine Sony Santa Monica not being hard at work on a sequel. When you have a hit like that, you don't let the IP sit and colle... […]

  • Double up your Chromebook's display with an external monitor
    von Jerry Hildenbrand am Januar 18, 2020 um 10:00 pm

    Chromebooks are perfect on-the-go computers for a lot of people, but sometimes you just want to sit down, relax, and do your thing with a big display. That's why almost every laptop, regardless of what software is running on it, has some sort of port to send video out to an external display. Chrome OS makes using desktop peripherals dead simple, and we've rounded up the best monitors for any situation. Our top recommendation is the incredible 32-inch 4K BenQ PD3220U but we've also rounded up other great options with lower resolutions and price points. Best Overall: BenQ PD3220U 4K UHD IPS You'll find monitors from BenQ on any best-of list even if you're not completely familiar with the name, and the PD3220U, which comes in 27 and 32-inch sizes, is one of the best displays the company has ever built. Designed for digital content creation, the PD3200U has a 20 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio to give you the blackest blacks and the whitest whites. It also has specialized display mod... […]

  • Does Visible have a Trade-In program?
    von Samuel Contreras am Januar 18, 2020 um 8:00 pm

    Best answer: Yes, but Visible Swap only allows you to trade in any working Android phone for one of two budget smartphones. If you want a flagship, this isn't the best choice. Unlimited data on your smartphone: Visible ($40 per month at Visible) Inexpensive but powerful: Google Pixel 3a ($349 at Amazon) Any working Android phone Visible Swap is a program that allows you to trade in any Android phone to Visible in exchange for a free budget phone. The phone must be working, and it must not be compatible with Visible already. However, there are two important things to note. One other thing to consider is that Visible Swap is only available to new Visible customers. Second, if you have an old, but working Android phone, you will be able to trade it for either the Visible ZTE Blade A7 Prime or the Motorola Moto E6. Even though these aren't the fastest phones around, they will still work for a lot of people. The Moto E6 has been recognized as a good value for a phone under $100 as... […]

  • How to stream UFC 246 PPV McGregor-Cowboy on Jan. 18
    von Roy Delgado am Januar 18, 2020 um 7:05 pm

    Cowboy gets his chance at The Notorious one — and at the UFC history books. This Saturday, one of the biggest stars in the history of MMA returns to action after a break of over a year. The first man to hold two UFC belts simultaneously will face the man with the most UFC wins of all time. You can stream the entire night of fights easily with UFC 246 Pay-Per-View featuring McGregor vs. Cowboy in the ESPN app. How to watch UFC 246 with a VPN outside of the United States UFC 246 Main Event preview How to watch UFC 246 on Roku How to watch UFC 246 on Amazon Fire TV How to watch UFC 246 on Xbox How to watch UFC 246 Prelims UFC 246 schedule and fight cards What is UFC 246? UFC 246 is the newest major MMA event from the biggest promotion in the sport. UFC 246 will broadcast live on Saturday, Jan. 18, from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This will be a split-broadcast event available with cards on ESPN+, ESPN and PPV, so you will need multiple subscriptions and logins to see everythi... […]

  • You should use two-factor everywhere, and your PS4 is no exception!
    von Jennifer Locke am Januar 18, 2020 um 6:00 pm

    In a world where even gaming networks are being targeted and compromised by nefarious characters, it never hurts to add an extra layer of protection to our accounts wherever we are able. Two-factor authentication requires you to use a secondary key when logging into your account — so even if someone gets your password, they still can't get into your account easily — and since PlayStation supports Two-Step Verification, you should absolutely use it on your PS4! How to set up Two-Step Verification on your PlayStation 4 From the dashboard of your PS4, select Settings. Scroll down and select Account Management. From the Account Management page, select Account Information. Select Security. Scroll down and select 2-Step Verification. Select Set Up Now. On the first Set Up page, enter the cell phone number where you want to receive texts. Select Add. A test SMS message with a verification code will be sent to your cell phone. Enter your two-factor code. Select Activate. With... […]

  • The AirSounds MAX are a great AirPods Pro alternative at just $60
    von Android Central am Januar 18, 2020 um 4:30 pm

    The AirPods Pro are easily one of the most popular Bluetooth earbuds on the market, but at $249, few people can actually justify buying them. Luckily, you can rock Apple's signature aesthetic with these AirPods Pro-inspired earbuds, which are on sale for just $59.99. The AirSounds MAX are a pair of truly wireless earbuds that use Bluetooth 5.0 to deliver crisp audio quality. These earbuds offer modern features such as noise cancellation, auto-pairing, touch controls, and compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant. Additionally, the in-ear smart sensors allow you to automatically play or pause songs when you put your earbuds on or take them off. Finally, the AirSounds MAX delivers up to 3 hours of playback off a single charge, which can be extended with its wireless charging case. You don't need to pay an arm and a leg for great audio quality and noise cancellation. The AirSounds MAX offers everything you can ask for in a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and you can get a pair today f... […]

  • Steam for Chrome OS would make Chromeboxes even more awesome
    von Jerry Hildenbrand am Januar 18, 2020 um 3:00 pm

    If things play out in just the right way, Sony and Microsoft have some real competition to deal with. If not, it'll still be fun to try and break. Once upon a time, there was this small-form-factor PC you could buy called a SteamBox. It was designed to hook up to your television and give you access to the almost 40,000 games at Valve's Steam storefront. I bought a SteamBox. It worked surprisingly well until I bricked it trying to install Windows 7. After several reinventions and a revolving door of partners, the only way to find a SteamBox today is looking for a very overpriced used model on eBay or Amazon. It was a shame, really, because the idea was a good one — an inexpensive way to get Steam into your living room. All Valve needed was a partner with deep pockets and that wasn't afraid to keep dipping into them. Hello there, Google. That's the first thing I thought of when it was revealed that Google might be trying to work with Valve to build a native Chrome OS Steam c... […]

  • A Star Trek Adventure just joined the full library of Oculus Quest games
    von Sean Endicott am Januar 18, 2020 um 2:00 pm

    Oculus Quest is Facebook's last piece of hardware in its first generation of VR devices. It has six degrees of freedom, movement tracking so you can game throughout an area and two Touch Controllers, which facilitate a wide range of gameplay. The Oculus Quest now has over 100 games available, ranging from first-person shooters to musical saber swinging titles. We marked the latest titles with "new," and at the top of the list, so you can keep track of all the latest games. New titles Available now Supported Oculus Go games Confirmed future titles Teased future titles New Controlled chaos Fail Factory! New This game places you inside a wild and whimsical factory in which you have to operate several assembly lines. The factory gets increasingly difficult to manage as you have to jump from station to station. $5 at Oculus Seeeeet hut! 2MD: VR Football Unleashed New You can immerse yourself in VR football in this game. You can throw the ball with your Touch Control... […]

  • Apple and Google accused of using market dominance to cripple competition
    von Stephen Warwick am Januar 18, 2020 um 12:00 pm

    "Big Tech is bent on expanding until it does absolutely everything" What you need to know A group of small tech firms has told Congress that Apple, Google, and Amazon used market dominance to crush them. Sonos, Tile, Basecamp, and PopSockets all appeared before a House antitrust committee on Friday, January 17. They all told stories of how larger tech companies used their market dominance to cripple competition. Sonos, Tile, Basecamp, and PopSockets have all testified to a House antitrust committee, stating that big tech firms like Amazon, Apple and Google used their market dominance and bullying business tactics to crush the competition. As reported by Business Insider: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple were the subjects of scathing criticism by smaller tech companies during a Congressional hearing on Friday. An assortment of tech firms that sell everything from speakers to phone accessories accused the tech giants of bullying business tactics. Sonos, Tile, Base... […]

  • Google search results on the desktop now include favicons
    von Muhammad Jarir Kanji am Januar 18, 2020 um 4:40 am

    The design was rolled out to mobile devices almost a year ago. What you need to know Google is making some changes to the way search results are shown on the desktop. Starting this week, search results will be displayed alongside icons for the websites they link to. The redesign was propagated to mobile devices last year. Google is redesigning desktop search results to put greater emphasis on website branding. This, the company argues, can both help websites increase their exposure to users and also allow searchers to quickly identify exactly where the information they've found is coming from. With this new design, a website's branding can be front and center, helping you better understand where the information is coming from and what pages have what you're looking for. To that effect, the name and icon of the website can now be found at the very top of the results cards. The color of the text indicating the name of the site was changed from green to black. Webmasters can ... […]

  • Korean publication reiterates $1,000 price for the Galaxy Z Flip
    von Muhammad Jarir Kanji am Januar 18, 2020 um 2:49 am

    The Korean giant's pricing is set to be somewhere between $860 and $1,300. What you need to know A Korean publication has reiterated a previous rumor that the Galaxy Fold successor will be much cheaper. The report suggests Samsung is planning on an asking price of between 1 million and 1.5 million Korean won for the Galaxy Z Flip. That's equivalent to $861 and $1,292, respectively. Even with its many flaws — and Samsung's eye-watering $2,000 asking price — customers have flocked to the company's first foldable phone, which has already sold half a million units. That's half of what a Samsung exec previously claimed, but it's impressive nonetheless. All of which makes us wonder just how successful Samsung's follow-up to the Fold — dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip — could be, especially if the latest reports out of South Korea are to be believed. iNews24, citing sources within the country's mobile carriers, suggests Samsung is in the process of negotiating a price for the Galaxy ... […]

  • New leak reveals full spec sheet for Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra
    von Muhammad Jarir Kanji am Januar 18, 2020 um 1:21 am

    The S20 and S20+ are mostly similar. However, the S20 Ultra gets a considerable bump in camera specs, alongside its gargantuan screen. What you need to know Weeks before Samsung officially unveils its flagships, nearly everything about them has already leaked. The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra will come in at 6.2", 6.7", and 6.9", respectively. While all three phones share broadly similar specs, the S20 Ultra does get a few noteworthy upgrades over the other two in the camera department. There's a lot of excitement in the Android community these days about Samsung's Galaxy S20 series. So much so, in fact, that I fear not much excitement may be left when the company finally reveals the phones on February 11, especially since we know almost everything there is to know about the phones already. First, there were the leaked renders, which gave us our first glimpse of what Samsung's latest and greatest would look like. These were soon confirmed to be quite accurate via actual hand... […]

  • Everything you need to know about the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro
    von Joe Maring am Januar 17, 2020 um 10:26 pm

    All of the latest info in one place. Looking back on 2019, one of the best phones to be released was the Huawei P30 Pro. Most people in the U.S. likely overlooked it due to its lacking availability in the country, but if you did manage to get your hands on the phone, you were treated to drop-dead gorgeous hardware, insanely capable cameras, and some of the best battery life around. The P30 Pro is still holding its own here in 2020, but its successor is right around the corner. Huawei continues to be in its ongoing feud with the U.S. government, but in spite of that, we're expecting big and exciting things for the new P40 lineup. From the rumored specs, design, price, release date, and more, here's everything you need to know about the phones. We're likely getting three models Here's what the phones look like These are the specs we know Google Play Services will be missing Expect the phones to be expensive The phones might be announced in March You still can't go wrong with the P... […]

  • The OnePlus 7 Pro is still the best gaming phone you can buy in 2020
    von Marc Lagace am Januar 17, 2020 um 9:00 pm

    Sure, casual games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are still wildly popular, but thanks to Unity now offering fantastic cross-platform support for developers, indie developers and big publishers alike are able to make full-scale games initially developed for consoles or PC over to and Android and iOS devices. This, along with game streaming services like Google's Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud, means the time is right to make sure your next phone is capable of handling it all in stride. While we wait for the newest phones of 2020 to start rolling, your best option at the start of 2020 is still the OnePlus 7 Pro Best Overall: OnePlus 7 Pro While OnePlus didn't market the OnePlus 7 Pro specifically as a gaming smartphone, it sure did a great job including all the key features that make for a great gaming experience. First off, the display is plenty big and bright, with the 90Hz refresh rate making everything look and feel buttery smooth. Thanks to a lean Oxygen OS running ... […]