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  • Spotify Free app update: Everything you need to know
    von Ara Wagoner am April 25, 2018 um 8:00 pm

    Spotify's app has needed on overhaul for a while, and it came to its non-paying users first. Spotify's Free service is — at its heart — meant to lure you in and then convince you to pay for Premium, To this end, Spotify has rolled out a shiny new update to its Android app that's meant to help draw in more new users and convince them to pay for Premium. And it is every bit as annoying to use as it is beautiful, so congratulations, Spotify, you succeeded. PYT (Pretty Young Theme) The new look for Spotify Free is quite enticing, from simplifying the tabs and the layout to giving the playback screen an intimate and dare I say sexy new look. We now have four tabs instead of five, but since one tab is a giant ad pushing you to Premium, we're going to ignore it and focus on the other three: The Home tab has been simplified tenfold. Where there was carousel after carousel of genre playlists and promoted playlists, there are now only three things: a single carousel of Rec... […]

  • How to enable the new Gmail web interface
    von Andrew Martonik am April 25, 2018 um 7:46 pm

    A fresh look for your inbox is just a few clicks away. The new Gmail web interface that was announced just a couple weeks ago has launched, bringing both a refreshed design and also a handful of new features. The overall look is a bit cleaner, like what we saw in the Google Calendar refresh earlier this year, with lots of Material Design influences. There are new features like a "confidential mode," email snoozing, better integration with other Google apps, Smart Replies like in Inbox, an improved offline mode and more. That's all great, but it's actually not enabled by default yet. Here's how you can skip the line and check out the new Gmail interface right away: Load Gmail on the web and sign in. In the top-right corner of the inbox, find the cog/gear icon and click it. If it's made available for your account, you'll see an option for "Try the new Gmail" at the very top — click it. After a page reload, you'll have to click Next on the pop-up and then choose a view for your i... […]

  • Asus Chromebox 3 pre-orders are now live, pricing starts at $249
    von Joe Maring am April 25, 2018 um 7:07 pm

    The Core i7 model will set you back $733. This year's CES saw a surprisingly strong presence for Chromeboxes. Acer's CXI3 was among them, and it recently went up for pre-order earlier this month. Now, Asus's Chromebox 3 is following suit. The Chromebox 3 has been seen on TigerDirect and NextWarehouse, and while it's currently cited as "temporarily out of stock" with no release date in sight, you can still get your pre-orders in to ensure you're among the first to own the machine. Asus outfitted the Chromebox 3 with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and support for Gigabit LAN. Intel's 8th generation Kaby Lake processors are present on all models, and you'll also find DDR4 RAM as well as flash storage (the specifics on these are still unknown). You've got four models to choose from, with pricing over at TigerDirect going as follows: Asus Chromebox 3 w/ Celeron processor – $249.99 Asus Chromebox 3 w/ Core i3 processor – $449.99 Asus Chromebox 3 w/ Cor... […]

  • Amazon's Echo Dot Kids Edition bundles make this smart purchase even more affordable
    von Jared DiPane am April 25, 2018 um 7:03 pm

    All of these devices are better bundled together. Amazon just announced an all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition, and the company has already launched some bundles which help make it even more affordable. Simply pairing the new Echo Dot Kids Edition with a Fire Tablet can save you up to $50 versus buying them separately. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is still only available as a pre-order, but it's scheduled to begin shipping on May 9. The first bundle is two Echo Dot Kids Edition for $129.98, a savings of $30. Combining the Echo Dot Kids Edition with a 7-inch Fire Tablet Kids Edition saves you $40, and drops the price down to just $140. The bundle with a Fire Tablet HD 8 and Echo Dot Kids Edition is $20 more at $160. That's a $50 savings. All of the bundles are available in a variety of different color combinations, so be sure to look for the one that your kids will like the most. See on Amazon ... […]

  • How to use FolderSync to manage all of your media
    von Tom Westrick am April 25, 2018 um 7:00 pm

    Move your files between your phone and the cloud so easily! The way I consume music and other media is a little unusual. I share a Google Play Music and a Hulu subscription with a friend, as well as my own Netflix account. I have a rule when it comes to music; I will buy an MP3 of a song or album if I listen to it more than three times within a week. I maintain a Plex server on my home desktop to help wit this. There are some shows and movies I enjoy that streaming services don't carry, but a much bigger part is that I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to the media I consume. My most used application on any device is the music player. I listen to music at almost every hour, from a few minutes in the shower every morning to a playlist of specific songs I listen to when I sleep. I'm really picky about the way my music player looks and operates, and there are a few things about the Google Play Music app that bug me enough that I don't want to use it. I'm not in love with the idea of ma... […]

  • How to get started with Google Daydream
    von Tom Westrick am April 25, 2018 um 6:30 pm

    Stop daydreaming and start, you know, Daydreaming! Google Daydream takes your phone and turns it into a virtual world beyond your wildest imaginations, using a simple headset and controller. There are plenty of apps and games for your Daydream headset, but you can't use those without setting the headset up first. Here's how to set up your new Daydream headset! Take off the lens protectors I'm listing this first because I used my Daydream headset for an hour or so before I realized just why the image was so blurry. There's an imperceptibly thin piece of film covering each lens in the Daydream headset, so make sure you take these off before using the headset. Grab some apps Google's Pixel phones give you the option to install the Daydream app during the initial setup, but other phones won't have this. Before plopping your phone in the headset, make sure you download the Daydream and Daydream Keyboard apps. While you're downloading apps, check out some of the best apps for Daydre... […]

  • Today's best deals you won't want to miss
    von Jared DiPane am April 25, 2018 um 6:30 pm

    Whether you're looking for new tech gear or household items, we've got you covered. Today you can get big discounts on the Amazon Echo Dot kids edition, LG and Asus monitors, the Instant Pot Duo Mini, and more! Don't pass these up. View the rest of the deals If you want to know about the deals as soon as they are happening, you'll want to follow Thrifter on Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter, because missing out on a great deal stinks! ... […]

  • Best Wireless Charging Pads for Samsung Galaxy S9
    von Marc Lagace am April 25, 2018 um 6:00 pm

    Keep your Galaxy S9 charged without the charging cables. If you're upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018, you're going to want to try out the wireless charging functionality. There's a large number of options out there for wireless charging, but not all are made equal. If you want a reliable wireless charging pad that won't let you down, check out these great products! Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad Samsung Wireless Charging Pad w/ 2A wall adapter iOttie iON Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Pad Aukey Wireless Charger Spigen Qi Wireless Charging Stand Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad Samsung's wireless charging pad combines the best wireless charging technologies packed into a really sleek design. Launched alongside the Galaxy S8, it features a premium leather-like appearance and ingenious design which allows you to easily convert this pad into an angled charging stand. The charger also comes with a spare Samsung Fast Charge wall ... […]

  • Motorola has sold over 70 million Moto Gs
    von Andrew Martonik am April 25, 2018 um 5:15 pm

    The goal for this latest generation is to reach the 100 million mark. Motorola just launched its latest generation of the Moto G, with three phones — the G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play — that bear little resemblance to the humble original Moto G from 2013. Though the size, features and specs of the G series have evolved heavily over the last five years, the mission is still the same: be a phone for the masses that's affordable but also has an experience beyond its price. And apparently, it's worked — Motorola's Sergio Buniac, whom I spoke with prior to the G6 launch, said that Motorola has sold over 70 million Moto G series smartphones since the line launched. Any company would love to have a phone line that sold 70 million phones in just five years. That's 70 million phones in five years, or an average of 12 million phones per year. And considering sales numbers were initially quite low, selling only a few million per year, 2016 and 2017 have obviously been enormou... […]

  • How to move photos on your phone to a microSD card
    von Ara Wagoner am April 25, 2018 um 5:00 pm

    MicroSD cards can free up precious storage space on our phones, but only if you set it up to. We wish all phones came with unlimited storage out of the box, but at least many Android phones have the option to expand that storage with microSD cards. Not every phone supports a microSD card — looking at you, Google Pixel 2 — but for those that do, the microSD card can give you more space for your app data, for your music and movies, and of course for your photos! That said, you can only reap these benefits if you take the time to set up your device to take advantage of it. How to pick a microSD card for photography How to change directories in the camera app How to move photos you've already taken to a microSD card How to pick a microSD card for photography MicroSD cards don't usually come with your phone unless it's part of an accessory bundle, but these cards are easy to find at most electronic and department stores. You can almost always find good cards on sale, so... […]

  • Kryptonite bike locks are on sale, with prices starting at $19
    von Louryn Strampe am April 25, 2018 um 4:08 pm

    Amazon is offering some savings on Kryptonite bike locks. Prices start at $19, and 14 different product are on sale. Whether you need some light security or a more heavy-duty lock, definitely make sure to check these deals out before the prices jump back up. One option, the Kryptonite KryptoLock Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock, is down to just $23.96. That's the best price ever – it normally goes for $30. Users gave it great feedback, too. A smaller choice, the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini-7 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock, is only $21.69. That's about $5 off the average price and brings this down to a whole new low. Finally, this basic Kryptonite Keeper model is down to $19. It won't provide the same security that a $70 lock will, but it will provide some light security if you're not too worried about your bike getting stolen. Usually it goes for $25. Check out the full selection of bike locks on sale to see which ones fit your specific needs. See at Amazon ... […]

  • These are all the carriers that support Google's 'Chat' enhanced messaging
    von Harish Jonnalagadda am April 25, 2018 um 4:00 pm

    Chat is Google's bold bet on RCS. Google pledged its support for Rich Communications Services back in 2015 by acquiring Jibe, and last week we heard that the company is looking to build out a suite of advanced messaging services into its Android Messages app with a new feature called Chat. Chat will bring a whole new set of capabilities to Android Messages, and the feature will leverage the Rich Communications Services standard to do so. As a refresher, RCS is the next-gen SMS protocol that includes features like read receipts, group chats, file transfers, and much more. Its feature-set is similar to what you'd find on messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but the key difference is that it is built on top of SMS. The main goal with RCS is to facilitate seamless conversations across carriers and phone manufacturers, and major carriers as well as manufacturers have committed to the standard already. The four main carriers in the U.S. — AT&T, T-Mobile, Ve... […]

  • Learn to fend off hackers and would-be data thieves and only pay what you want!
    von Android CentraI am April 25, 2018 um 3:40 pm

    As more and more companies move completely online, cybersecurity has never been more important. There is so much personal data online, and many organizations house the valuable and sensitive personal data of countless thousands, which means that cybersecurity professionals are incredibly valuable and the first and last line of defense against would-be data thieves and hackers. Learning to become a network administrator, as well as the ins and outs of network security is a huge step forward in your IT career, and you need to the tools to learn the whole job in order to be able to perform well and lock down that high-paying gig. But if you're already working a full-time job, then going back to school can be costly and take up more time than you have available. That's why you need an online solution that you can complete at your own pace. The Complete Cyber Security Certification Bundle from Android Central Digital Offers can help you open doors into the world of IT and cybersecurity,... […]

  • Amazon's Fire TV Cube might feature always-listening Alexa
    von Joe Maring am April 25, 2018 um 3:34 pm

    If an Echo Dot and Fire TV had a baby, this could be the end result. Earlier this week, a report came out that Amazon's next venture with Alexa is to integrate the assistant into in-home robots. We're still a ways off before that actually comes to market, but in the very near future, the online shopping giant will announce a new product called the "Fire TV Cube." Spotted by AFTV News, there's a new page on Amazon right now teasing the product. The page asks "What is Fire TV Cube?" and says that details are coming soon with a link to enter your email for more info as it becomes available. Along with this, there's the iconic blue light that's seen with Amazon's Echo speakers. Although no further details are provided on the page, this Fire TV Cube is likely the same box that was leaked last September ahead of the Fire TV 4K (2017) launch. That box was a no-show during Amazon's hardware event last year, but seeing as how the leak for the Fire TV dongle was so spot-on, I'm inclined to ... […]

  • Best Screen Protectors for Moto G6
    von Marc Lagace am April 25, 2018 um 3:00 pm

    Keep your display protected with a tempered glass screen protector! Motorola has revealed the latest generation of phones from its flagships Moto G lineup. The Moto G6 will be arriving in the U.S. in late-May and will be a compelling option in the budget phone segment. But just because the price is cheaper doesn't mean it's not worth protecting. For under 10 bucks, you can get a set of tempered glass screen protectors to protect that Moto G6 display from anything that life throws at it. Supershieldz [2-pack] IQ Shield [3-pack] Mr. Shield [3-pack] TopACE [2-pack] Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protectors [2-pack] Supershieldz is a popular maker of screen protecting accessories and they offer a two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for the Moto G6. The edges are rounded for comfort around the earpiece and home button cutouts. It's a good value from a trusted brand that's backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. Available for just $7 on Amazon. See at Amazon IQ Sh... […]